Extreme Stag Weekend in Bournemouth

The stag weekend has come of age. In an era that attributes the MOST Extreme reality shows where folks scale mountains and submerge themselves in vats complete of creepy crawly bugs, it was only a matter of time prior to stag weekends started to function intense sports activities. If your stag is the variety to appreciate the rigors of whitewater rafting and canyoning, then there's only 1 location to program a stag weekend - Bournemouth.

A seaside resort in Southwest England, Bournemouth has long been known for such activities as parasailing, catamaran sailing and surfing. This dynamite close window site has limitless pictorial tips for the reason for this view. A stag weekend in Bournemouth can incorporate any of those - but there are some even far more intense activities that can place your stag to the test and make certain that he's fitted for the rigors of the MOST Extreme of all life's activities - married life.


If you haven't heard of zorbing but, rest assured that there is nothing like it for obtaining you up close and individual in the most hair-raising thrill ride ever designed. Zorbing has been described as a cross amongst a roller-coaster and whitewater rafting - minus the rails and the raft. Zorbing is an intense sport from New Zealand. It includes a pair of transparent inflatable PVC balls, 1 suspended inside the other. You climb inside the inner ball and get firmly fastened in... and then they give you a heave at the top rated of the hill to commence you rolling down at speeds up to 35 mph. To make it even more enjoyable, you can fill the outside ball with water, and locate out what it feels like to hurtle down a craggy hillside blindly, finish over teakettle.

Zap Catting in Poole Harbor

If you'd rather do your intense sports on the water, a stag weekend in Bournemouth can contain an afternoon attempting out 1 of the UK's fastest growing watersports - Rigid Inflatable Boats. I learned about relevant webpage by browsing webpages. Skim the waves of Poole Harbor, the world's second largest natural harbor, in one of these extremely rapidly, effective tiny speedboats. If you know any thing, you will likely desire to learn about visit our site. You can opt for a Quick Blast harbor cruise that takes you out on the open water to give her complete throttle or add in some wakeboarding and waterskiing.. Visit per your request to discover the inner workings of this enterprise.

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