Destroyed By A Scammer - Now Arrested As Onechecks Dont Rest Pastor Mountain And First Magnus

You'll have your lifetime destroyed clearly as an on line adult worker (I believe many pe...

Professionally Im not really a fan of bashing Paul E. Hill Sr. or First Magnus, or being harsh, but when it concerns peoples lives being destroyed predicated on Internet and Offline personality defamation, it is time that the details should be revealed. To check up more, please view at: worth reading. Read further to determine true assessments proving the money laundering strategies of Pastor Paul E. Hill Sr. or simply visit my blog,

You can have your lifetime destroyed demonstrably being an online adult worker (I think lots of people can figure that) but IN ADDITION as a true expert that got offended by a smooth scam artist or overzealous attorneys buying scapegoat.

It's funny how you really need to search on the web to get some agreement of the loose lending practices of First Magnus Financial Corporation such as for instance how First Magnus agreed last fall to pay for a $200,000 fine after the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions found a few violations, including a department manager making false promises or concealing facts in 10 fraudulent loan transactions. And yet, it is amazing how quickly First Magnus misrepresentation of facts in their lawsuit against us spread thru the Web like wildfire.

Allow me to repeat this again, Fact - First Magnus gives a $200,000 good involving 10 deceptive loan deals - difficult to get on the net. Clicking lee mcfarland certainly provides cautions you can use with your brother. Perhaps not Fact and only so-called by First Magnus lawyer - easy-to find on the net. Here is a thrilling resource for more about how to allow for this enterprise. I think it will be interesting for First Magnus to read this website as the facts from our side are unmasked - true facts that actually point back to the amazing underwriting recommendations of First Magnus that hurt both First Magnus and us when you see, our corporate identities were hijacked by particular individuals, one being your personal employee. How in the world did that get thru underwriting of such a large lending institution?

How did the First Magnus Investigators miss one key point, that I, Maria Gudelis had my attorney in Fall 2005 deliver a cease and desist letter to one of-the consumers in your claim. Your employee, Tyson Rondeau was conscious of thisso tell me First Magnus, how did your employee get 2 loans thru on Feb. 2-3, 2006 with that debtor using one-of our organizations? Wouldnt that put us in a great situation within our counter claim against First Magnus for $50MM?

How is it your researchers had sufficient time to call all our present present business relationships with accusations and lies that destroyed our status and cost us thousands, but miss such important issues such as the fact easily on the internet by clicking here to go to my website, that your former worker, Tyson Rondeau continues to be doing business with this customer?

Could everything be that because we were in-the public eye, praised on phase, effective on the World Wide Web and e-bay real estate, that we would be the right goal to deflect attention from your underwriting recommendations?

OK - I offered checks to all of you readers and please see my blog for the specific copies and trail of embezzlement.. That is just the tip of the iceberg because the story unfolds and further damages unmasked. Here are a few of the checks, unauthorized, made out to entities we weren't aware of - this we found in April 2007 after Paul E. Hill Sr. Left the organization, the Inspector at Walton County Sheriffs Office, and the process servers:

Investigations from Panther

Pit Funding

$5,000 made out to Destiny Interior on 3/09/2007

$3,150 built out to Destiny Interior o-n 3/17/2007

$13,000 built out to Destiny Sanctuary on 1/25/2007


Further Examine fromPanther Area Capital

$6,150 built out to Destiny Interior 03/19/2007

Now here is the part - we dont have all the bank records of these agencies but here is some of what we did discover, and I dont think I need to also explain in writing, as Checks Dont Lie. See the assessments from Panther written by Pastor Paul E. Hill Sr. to these entities and from these entities back to him or his wife. Dig up further on pastor lee mcfarland by browsing our dynamite essay. Goodness knows what all the bank statements of all of his fake businesses set up would show!

Head to my internet site,, to find out the Juicy Video of Pastor Paul E. Slope and actual Copies of-the Checks!.

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