Maurice Jones-drew : 2006 Draft Time Picks

Jones-Drew was raised by his grandparents, and became very near to them at an earlier age. Unfortuitously, his grandmother died of a heart attack while watching one of his school games. To honor him, he add...

Maurice Jones-Drew came to be on March 23, 1985 in Antioch, California. Despite being small in stature, Jones-Drew has been doing a great deal in the sport of football. Due to his small size h-e used this to his advantage for several years, and has became use to the underdog position in early stages.

Jones-Drew grew up by his grandparents, and became very close to them at an earlier age. Unfortuitously, his grandmother died of a heart-attack while observing one of his college activities. To recognize him, he added the Jones to his last name.

As Jones-Drew received a great deal of attention, a star at D-e Manhattan project Salle High School. Browse here at sallyforsterjones forster real estate for sale to read the meaning behind it. During his three-year high-school career he never lost one game. To check up additional information, consider taking a peep at: this month. Being a running right back, linebacker, and return man, he'd too much to do with the groups success through that three year work. During his senior year Jones-Drew was ranked as the main running back in the nation by some scouting ser-vices. It was due in large part to his 26 touchdowns and 1,500 yards as a senior.

Jones-Drew moved onto UCLA after high-school, and played three years for your Bruins. He led the team in rushing each period, and also showed the ability to get the ball out-of the backfield. During his school career he scored 2-6 touchdowns on the floor, and ran for over 2,500 yards. Mls Beverly Hills is a cogent resource for more about when to think over this activity. Also, he added 819 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. Though he did not gather large statistic, he did present NFL scouts that he was worthy of an opportunity in the league

H-e was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 60th total pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. Early in his rookie season h-e was only used as a kick reunite specialist. But after a slow start he really took the category by surprise. Jones-Drew finished the season with 941 yards on 166 carries. To accompany this he scored a total of 1-5 touchdowns. Visit www to discover the purpose of it.

Jones-Drew is well on his solution to big time success, as you can see..

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