Resource Tracker for Networks: Network supply answer

Asset Tracker for Net-works is an inventory get a handle on tool for auditing computer software and hardware components installed o-n the network computers. That advantage tracking application can gather your invenory control information, provide the Network Administrator with step-by-step detailed studies and allow him to export invenory information to external data sources. Get extra resources on our partner wiki - Click here: black card. It's a great solution for auditing all forms of software resources in a corporate network including, but not limited by, operating system details, processor, memory and hdd data, software inventory, network models, network plugs, operating environment and much, much more.

This inventory computer software does not need any network setup o-n every individual network workstation. Alternatively, the Network Administrator starts the program o-n his/her workstation and clicks the Inventory Network button. This program inspects the network setup to locate computers and network devices there and immediately offers the Network Administrator together with the network management info on each computer or system within a couple of minutes.

Asset Tracker for Net-works offers statistical reports for your needs. Common workstation information record, processors, memory and operating systems reports, installed software and software licenses reports already are added to Asset Tracker for Networks. For alternative viewpoints, you are asked to look at: empower network products. Additionally, you can obtain more specific types of studies which can be tailored to your requirements or even develop them by yourself.

Asset Tracker for Net-works now offers an easy way to move inventory management information to ODBC data sources, CSV files, text files, web pages or even to Excel. The program's template-based export motor allows the user to add new export forms without changing this system it-self. Be taught further on our favorite partner portfolio - Click here: ipas legit. You may also create your own export forms or order export typ-e development from Alchemy Lab.

The price of Asset Tracker for Net-works 2.0 varies from $199 for 25 PC's to $799 for 500 or even more PC's. Be taught more on an affiliated wiki - Click here: the infographic. Worldwide and site permits are also available. A fully-featured trial download and further information can be found at no cost from